BurningAmp.org holds first Amp Camp June 30th, 2012

This year Burning Amp organizers have created “Amp Camp 2012” to help novice DIY builders make their very own Class A amps with all the hand-holding needed to create a working unit. Following on the successful model of Speaker Camp several years ago, the event takes the important step of getting people out of the blogs and magazines and into a hands-on environment. Nelson Pass has designed this special mono-block just for the event and will attend to ensure all goes well. Please visit www.DIYaudio.com for more information and parts.


  • AMP CAMP by Nelson Pass – Instructions. Written in anticipation of the first Amp Camp event, and I expect a few surprises and a lot of happy faces, my birthday present to myself. Remember, the whole idea is for you first-timers to get your feet wet in the shallow end of the pool.  Put on some sun screen, and come on in.
    The water’s fine.
  • Amp Camp Case Progress – Pictures!