2017 Event Schedule

8:30AM-10:00AM Building C 2nd Floor People Arrive with components, set up chairs, sound absorption and systems
10:00AM-7:00PM Building C 2nd Floor Auditions all day
11:00AM-11:45AM Firehouse Main Room Firehouse Talk: Demian Martin
12:00AM-1:00PM Firehouse Lunch served in back room
1:00PM-1:45PM Firehouse Main Room Firehouse Talk: Siegfried Linkwitz
2:00PM-2:45PM Firehouse Main Room Firehouse Talk: Wayne Colburn
3:00PM-4:00PM Firehouse Main Room Firehouse Talk: Nelson Pass
4:00PM-5:00PM Building C 2nd Floor Raffle of donated components and parts
7:00PM-8:00PM Building C 2nd Floor Stack chairs and tables, remove components, wrap-up

Audition rooms: In Building C on the second floor there will be four rooms for auditioning all through the day:

Siegfried Linkwitz will be demonstrating at least one of his awesome speaker systems

Nelson Pass will have a room full of amps, many never seen before, open baffle speakers, box speakers , maniacal fans bringing components to test with his amps, etc.

DIY Fanatics will fill the 2 remaining rooms with great components they’ve built , combined into systems so you can see how they sound. Maybe you’ll want to build some of these designs.