BURNING AMP TAKES PLACE 9am-5pm SUNDAY NOV 13th at FORT MASON CENTER in SAN FRANCISCO, CA. We will be using space in Building C (2nd floor meeting rooms, as usual) and the Firehouse (lectures, raffle, lunch).

A helpful map of the Fort Mason grounds can be found here:
When driving to the site, enter via the Gatehouse at Laguna Street and Marina Boulevard.

Below you will find some additional info that should be useful for attendees and exhibitors. Check back as we get closer to the event.

This year, as you well know, we are back at the Fort Mason echo chambers. The bad news is Mark had to use up a good portion of the moving blankets, um, well… for moving! So there may be some or none of them available this year for sound abatement. If anyone has some bright ideas on how we can get some sound panels for the day, or anything else that will suck up sound, please post here or contact me. If you can store sound adsorption materials (in your garage, storage locker, etc), and can bring them to the event and take them back home again afterwards, please contact the organizers via DIYaudio or the contact page.

Instead of a team of volunteers, this year we are all in it together. On the plus side, because we are using the Firehouse for the lectures, raffle, and lunch and paying for it, all the chairs and tables in the Firehouse will be set up by Fort Mason. Yea! But in the Meeting rooms, where we normally have all the DIY gear on display, we will face the same setup tasks as in the past. That is to say Fort Mason will leave carts of chairs and tables here and there and our job is to set these up as we see fit. At the end of the day we need to return all the tables and chairs to the carts and do some minor cleanup. This is where we can all pitch in. If you are bringing gear, expect to be a volunteer as well. In fact if we all head up there in the morning when we arrive this can be done in 5 minutes. So please think about leaving your gear in the car when you arrive and take one trip inside to lend a hand and find your spot. Then go back and begin unloading. At the end of the day, after you have packed up, please think about lending a hand to move tables and chairs from your area back into the racks. If we all pitch in this will be easy peasey.

Fort Mason has a large pay parking lot. This year there is a large event taking place on the same day as Burning Amp and its attendees will compete with Burning Amp attendees for parking. We have the space reserved starting at 8am. The other show (Western States Crafts Fair) opens at 10am, but its vendors may arrive earlier. If the parking lot is full you will need to find parking in another Fort Mason lot or nearby paid parking. PLEASE TRY TO ARRIVE EARLY to avoid lugging your gear from 1/4 mile away. Sorry this is out of our control.

Here’s the skinny on costs for the event. Thanks to the generous donation by FirstWatt (Thanks NP!) we are able to keep the entry ticket cost down to $20 this year. Lunch will be offered for $10, which will get you a heaping plate of Indian Food (see earlier post in this thread for the menu). You will get some raffle tickets as part of the entry ticket charge, and additional raffle tickets will be available for an additional cost which is yet to be determined. If you attend Burning Amp and are NOT an invited speaker or vendor, be prepared to pay the entry fee (cash only).

This year’s raffle will be held in the Firehouse over the lunch hour when everyone will be down there anyway. If you would like to donate items, please consider whether these would be of interest to someone. Please do not use the raffle to dump old junk! And please check to see if your item was actually taken away after the raffle has concluded and if not, please take it back home with you. Thanks for your consideration on this point.

Burning Amp is much more interesting when people can read about what they are looking at. Wow, here’s a nice electronics chassis with some connectors on the table! What is it? Don’t make attendees GUESS. PLEASE prepare a short description (e.g. 1 page or less) of your project at home, print it out, and bring it with you. You cannot always be there every second to explain your project, and even if you are this will give someone other than the person you are talking to at the time a chance to get an idea about it. Some point you can include are: What is it (preamp, amp, headphone amp, etc)? Did you design this or did you build a kit? What is novel about it (parts used, construction techniques, etc)? What are your own thoughts about it, and would you recommend it for someone else to build, etc. This kind of info can make browsing around the floor much more informative and can cover the basics so that you will not need to repeat them over and over again.

There are three talks (see tentative schedule in next post). Exact topics are a little fuzzy, but in essence Nelson Pass will be talking about something amplifier related, Bob Cordell will be talking about a preamp related project, and Bryan Levin will be doing a follow up on last year’s talk on Arduino-based remote control systems. The talks are spread out during the day and will be held at the Firehouse. Unfortunately, the large room cannot (by Fire Code) accommodate more than about 110 people so it may very well be that some may have to stand outside or will not be able to attend. Please no standing around the walls as this will violate Fire Code.

There is no alcohol allowed, period. Getting the proper permit and meeting the regulations required by Fort Mason, including insurance, is prohibitive. Please do not bring your own, either. You have been warned.

This year we have two vendors who will attend. LIS will have product samples on hand, literature, t-shirts to sell, and will demo/display a head phone amplifier evaluation board. Please stop by their tables upstairs in the small meeting room. Gian from Modushop will also attend and will be raffling off this Deluxe 4U steel amplifier chassis! Please check out the link for more info on this beauty and stop be their table next to LIS.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Burning Amp 2016!

Info on Burning Amp 2016 is finally available!

  • When: Sunday NOV 13, 2016 9am-5pm
  • Where: Fort Mason Firehouse and Building C meeting rooms, San Francisco, CA
  • Speakers: Nelson Pass, Bob Cordell (others as time permits)

For more info, to ask questions, or to post feedback please see one of the threads about Burning Amp 2016 at the Clubs and Events section of

More information will be posted in the near future. Please check back again soon.

Burning Amp 2015 is October 17th

Burning Amp will be at a new location:

Interana​​ Headquarters, Evernote Building, 305 Walnut St., ​3rd floor                       Redwood City, CA 94063

​This ​big ​new venue, all on one floor, allows more listening rooms​ for many more systems to audition, so we’re asking exhibitors to bring their previous​ly built and shown​ Do It Yourself (DIY) ​components along with their latest creations​ for us to listen to or just admire.

No need to Pre-register, no need to bring anything. just show up!. If you have’em bring your DIY turntables and computer music servers, bring your DIY amps: tube amps, preamps, solid state amps, phono amps. Speakers of all types: open baffled, sealed, ported, full range, 2 way, 6 way, whatever!and we’ll fit you in… For complete systems and large loudspeakers best to contact us in advance:

-Admission $25, Lunch on-site: $10, Lots of snacks and drinks

-Presentations by well know audio experts:

-Arduino Based Remote Controls-Bryan Levin

-DSP and Streaming Audio on the Raspberry Pi-Charlie Laub

-Nelson Pass of Pass DIY & Pass Labs will ​present his latest breakthroughs

-Roger A. Modjeski of Music Reference, RAM Labs, and Berkeley HiFi School,                 will discuss tube amp construction and design issues.

-Swap Meet- bring stuff you want to sell or swap

-Traditional Raffle of Donated Parts- Bring parts and components you no longer need

-Audition many systems made up of awesome Do It Yourself components- amazing variety of components and systems. Siegfried Linkwitz will demo his LS Studio speaker system with miniDSP crossovers and Hypex amps all day​.​ ​

-Exhibitors please arrive by 9AM- Social hour(s) starts at 6PM, hang with the stars…

-Free Parking

-More information at:

Looking forward to showing off all of our improvements when we see you there.

Mark Cronander- Burning Amp Instigator


Interesting Rooms – 2013

Pass Pub:
“Amp Camp Amp Wonderland: Amp Camp Amps with a bunch of loudspeakers that you can makes which work well with them”

Linkwitz Room:
“Lx521 Loudspeaker With a New, Mini DSP Digital Crossover Developed by Dave Reite to Replicate Siegfried Linkwitz Analog Crossover”

The Big Room:

Presentations: See “Presentations” Below
Audition the Smyth Realizer: With Jan Didden
Swap Meet: Really Great Stuff For Sale
Give-Away Raffle: Win Some Great Stuff!
Linear Systems Table: Devices and T-shirts

Presentations at Burning Amp 2013

Product Presentation: Jan Didden, Linear Audio, Elektor, and audioXpress magazines:
“The Smyth Realizer, Convincing Headphone Audio At Last? ”
” The Sequencer- How it works”

Keynote presentation-Nelson Pass, Amp God, Pass Labs
“The simplest Amp and other stories”

Keynote Presentation-Scott Wurcer, Fellow, Analog Devices
“A History of Discrete Op-Amp Design With Some Circuit Ideas”


One Month to the Burning Amp Festival!

Sunday, October 6th, 2013 will be the day, and the site will be the same as last year:
Fort Mason San Francisco, Building “C”, Second Floor.

We’ll have great presentations in the Big Room, as well as the famed raffle, a swap meet,
manufacturer’s and demonstration tables, lunch and refreshments. Also five listening rooms, packed with DIY systems and components on display. Bring the amp or speakers or whatever else you made and we’ll swap it in to be heard. If your component doesn’t quite work, bring it to display, you’ll get plenty of advice to get it working.