BurningAmp.org holds first Amp Camp June 30th, 2012

This year Burning Amp organizers have created “Amp Camp 2012” to help novice DIY builders make their very own Class A amps with all the hand-holding needed to create a working unit. Following on the successful model of Speaker Camp several years ago, the event takes the important step of getting people out of the blogs and magazines and into a hands-on environment. Nelson Pass has designed this special mono-block just for the event and will attend to ensure all goes well. Please visit www.DIYaudio.com for more information and parts.


  • AMP CAMP by Nelson Pass – Instructions. Written in anticipation of the first Amp Camp event, and I expect a few surprises and a lot of happy faces, my birthday present to myself. Remember, the whole idea is for you first-timers to get your feet wet in the shallow end of the pool.  Put on some sun screen, and come on in.
    The water’s fine.
  • Amp Camp Case Progress – Pictures!


6th Annual Burning Amp Festival – October 28, 2012

The DIY show for audiophiles and the general public who make their own equipment or are interested in making their own components. Bring your amps, speakers, friends and fellow techies to check out this year’s displays of cool amps, speakers, and parts done by audio enthusiasts and DIY’ers from around the world.

Presentations By:

Jan Didden – Editor, Linear Audio Magazine
Nelson Pass – Update from the Skunkworks

The 2012 Burning Amp Festival will be held in San Francisco at:

Fort Mason Center
Landmark Building C 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94123

How to get there:

Directions via Google Maps
Download a map to Fort Mason Center

An access donation of $30 is required to help offset the costs associated with the event. This is operated as a not for profit event for fun and education.

Contact;Mark Cronander, Organizer