Burning Amp November 9 & 10, 2019 at Fort Mason, San Francisco, California

Burning Amp is the event for people interested in making or learning about do-it-yourself audio equipment, auditioning equipment made by others, and attending talks and seminars concerning audio topics. It is not necessary that you bring components in order to attend Burning Amp. Located right at Fort Mason “The Dock of the Bay”  San Francisco, California

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Organizer: Tom Voigt  Founder: Mark Cronander

Saturday,  November 9th  2019:  Seminar and PreAmp Camp: 

Admission Saturday:  $30, Reservations required

Building C  2nd Floor 1:30-5:00 PM : 

Seminar: “Measuring Loudspeakers and Amplifiers”

  • By Bob Cordell and Demian Martin: 

Register For Seminar

“Pre-amp Camp:  Build your own ACP+ Preamp and Headphone Amp designed by Nelson Pass at no cost above the admission fee. 

  • Jim Tiemann will be your Coordinator/ Instructor
  • JFETs generously donated by Linear Integrated Systems
  • Other components donated by Nelson Pass and Mark Cronander
  • Pre-amp Camp is Sold Out
5:00-6:00 PM
  • Set up: Linkwitz and Registration Rooms
  • Pre-amp Camp extended time if needed
7:30-10:00 PM
  • Chinatown No-Host Dinner

Register for Dinner


Sunday November 10th 2019,  Starts 8:30AM

Admission Sunday:  With pre-registration:  $30. Get  free T-shirt if you bring a component to display or audition


Without Pre-registration:   Just show up and pay $30 or $20 if you bring a component to display or audition

Activities on 2nd Floor, Building C: 

All day –  9:00AM-9:00PM – Audio Component Auditions & Displays

4:05 PM – Parts Giveaway & continue Auditioning Systems and Components

5:00 PM – Auditioning Systems and Components

7:00 PM – Possible hang-out at the Linkwitz Room Lounge

Presentations and Talks at Firehouse:

10:00 AM – Kent & Tom:  Introduce speakers.

10:05 AM – Denis Vilfort

10:25 AM – Nick Cresswell

10:45 AM – Zen Mod

11:05 AM – Bob Cordell

11:25 AM – Panel Q&A

11:50 AM – Lunch
  • Indian food available at Firehouse
1:00 PM – Welcome!
  • Variac & Tom
1:05 PM – Sean Casey
  • Zu Audio!
2:00 PM – Paul Norton 
  • New New Linear Systems devices
2:05 PM – Nelson Pass 
  • Latest Developments
3:00 PM – Jim Tiemann
  • Support our newbie friends
3:05 PM – A Conversation: “Measurement vs. Perception 
  • And other topics as they see fit
  • Nelson Pass
  • Sean Casey
  • Moderated by Kent English
4:00 PM – Activities at Firehouse end



Generous contributors to Burning Amp 2019 Include:

  • Linear Integrated Systems: Designers and manufacturers of small-signal discrete semiconductors
  • PassDIY.com: The site by Nelson Pass dedicated to DIY Enthusiasts: 
  • diyAudio.com: A place for members of the DIY audio community to learn, share, and enjoy interacting with others
  • Our many volunteers 

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