2015 is next Burning Amp

The next  event will be Burning Amp Festival 2015. We need a bit more time to make significant changes to Burning amp so won’t have a show in 2014. We  want to expand to two days so we can have more presenters, more opportunity to socialize, seminars, a swap meet, and better sound quality. This requires a lot more time and organization to prepare- something we haven’t had enough of in previous years!

Looking forward to showing off all of our new ideas when we see you then.

Mark Cronander

NO shutdown at Ft. Mason! BURNING AMP 2013 will be This Weekend, October 6th in San Francisco!

Doors open at 8:00 for loading in equipment. Show starts at 10:AM, Ends at 7:00PMBuilding “C” Second floor. No Pre-registration required.

Here’s an article about a previous Burning Amp

Directions via Google Maps
Download a map to Fort Mason Center

You don’t have to bring any components. It’s fun to just see and hear other people’s stuff.

You don’t need approval to bring something. Just show up with it! We always need sources ( disk players, turntables with preampsComputers with DACs)

Admission is $30, 5 listening rooms & one large room for presentations and demonstrations

Lunch available:

Fine Sausages on Baguettes,  Veggie Italian sausages also. With refreshments



Interesting Rooms – 2013

Pass Pub:
“Amp Camp Amp Wonderland: Amp Camp Amps with a bunch of loudspeakers that you can makes which work well with them”

Linkwitz Room:
“Lx521 Loudspeaker With a New, Mini DSP Digital Crossover Developed by Dave Reite to Replicate Siegfried Linkwitz Analog Crossover”

The Big Room:

Presentations: See “Presentations” Below
Audition the Smyth Realizer: With Jan Didden
Swap Meet: Really Great Stuff For Sale
Give-Away Raffle: Win Some Great Stuff!
Linear Systems Table: Devices and T-shirts

Presentations at Burning Amp 2013

Product Presentation: Jan Didden, Linear Audio, Elektor, and audioXpress magazines:
“The Smyth Realizer, Convincing Headphone Audio At Last? ”
” The Sequencer- How it works”

Keynote presentation-Nelson Pass, Amp God, Pass Labs
“The simplest Amp and other stories”

Keynote Presentation-Scott Wurcer, Fellow, Analog Devices
“A History of Discrete Op-Amp Design With Some Circuit Ideas”


One Month to the Burning Amp Festival!

Sunday, October 6th, 2013 will be the day, and the site will be the same as last year:
Fort Mason San Francisco, Building “C”, Second Floor.

We’ll have great presentations in the Big Room, as well as the famed raffle, a swap meet,
manufacturer’s and demonstration tables, lunch and refreshments. Also five listening rooms, packed with DIY systems and components on display. Bring the amp or speakers or whatever else you made and we’ll swap it in to be heard. If your component doesn’t quite work, bring it to display, you’ll get plenty of advice to get it working.

Awesome Presentations From Past Burning Amps on Video!

Yup, We’ve got videos of  presentations from past years by Nelson Pass, Siegfried Linkwitz, Douglas Self, and Kirkwood Rough thanks to our friends at Linear Systems! Check ‘em out, they really are full of good insider information.

John Haslet Hall July 11, 1932 - Oct 30, 20142/23/15
2014 Analog Aficionados2/11/14
Burning Amp 2013 Speaker: Jim Tiemann 6L610/14/13
2013 Burning Amp Walk Through: Exhibits10/11/13

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